February 7, 2020

How to play Cricket Manager 2020 and win!

So, now you’re set to go with Cricket Manager 2020! But, how do you win and gain success in the game?!

This article will be divided into three main sections to help you learn how to play and win:

  1. Top icons explained
  2. Menu items explained
  3. Watching and managing a live match, and how to follow up

  1. Cricket Manager 2020 top icons explained

First, there are top icons you should know about. If you use these well, you will be well on your way to success!

On the top row of your app, you will see some coloured icons. What do each of these mean?

LV: This is your Manager level and experience. You can claim experience points, gold bars and achievements to build not only your club, but your profile too!

Gold Bars: The gold bar icon is the number of gold bars you have. You can build these up through winning matches and gaining experience points, or by purchasing some, as below:

The more gold bars you gain, the more key assets you can purchase for your club! This includes:

  • Cash to help with things such as player transfers, facility upgrades and stadium upgrades.
  • Health packs to help your players recover from injury.
  • Morale packs to assist with low player confidence.
  • Rest packs to recover your players’ condition.
  • Upgrade/update your jersey and emblem.

Click the shopping cart icon (or Store in your menu) to explore these great options! Also, you can receive these as rewards from sponsors for training your players adequately. This will be explored in a little more detail later in this article.

  1. Cricket Manager 2020 menu items explained

On the top left of your app, you will see an icon. Press it and your menu will appear as below.


This is where your squad of players is located. You can get the detail view of each player, assess their strengths and weaknesses, review their morale and manage their contracts.

Some key tips to keep in mind:

  • Assess what training and development your players might need to improve, based on their strengths and weaknesses. This will be explained in further detail later in this article.
  • You don’t want to lose a player that is performing well, so be sure to keep an eye out on their contract! You can renew contracts in the squad section, provided you have enough funds. Alternatively, if you deem a player isn’t good enough, you can release that player (provided you have at least 16 squad players) which then adds funds to your budget.
  • If you have a “warning” sign regarding your squad, this means you have injured, low morale or tired players. You can use the packs (top icons) to speed up recovery! (more on this later in the article)
  • Set your tactics by pressing the second circle icon just under the top menu.

The below images gives you a quick overview, with an example of boosting player morale using the morale packs. You can see warning or injury signs next to certain players, so be sure to protect them. Gaining success in Cricket Manager 2020 involves good management of your squad, so keep an eye out on your players to see how they are doing!

Once you select a player that needs attention, you will see a screen that has three tabs - Overview, Skills and Contract.

Click “Overview”. You will see three icons. The icon that says “2 days” is a player’s fitness. If it is red, it means they are injured. The middle icon (arrow) is a player’s morale level. We want this to be green. The third, right icon is a percentage. This is a player’s rest level. If they are fully rested, this will be 100%, which is where you want it to be!

In this example, Robert Hudson a recent injury (2 days ago). Using the “plus” button, you can utilise your health packs to boost recovery.

132 health packs are available (see the top menu). Five are needed to help Conrad recover. If you don’t have enough, you can use gold bars to purchase some packs (more on that later in this article).

Also, you will need to keep an eye on your player’s morale and rest level. If a player has a rest level of below 100%, you can use a health pack (the blue, white lightning bolt icon) to get your players feeling fresh and rested.

Also, in the “Team” tab, you can adjust your strategies and tactics. Just under the top menu where the gold bars, health, morale and rest packs are located, you will see two dots. Click the second dot to get to the tactics page.

Here, you can set your toss decision, batting, bowling and fielding mentality.


The second menu item is training. Training your players is a crucial part of Cricket Manager 2020 for two main reasons:

  1. Build player skills and techniques to best prepare them for the upcoming match
  2. Gain rewards from sponsors to further boost your club

This section on training will explore these two points in some detail. On the training screen, you you will see a gift box with the number “4”. This means that if you hold four training sessions, you will receive a reward from a sponsor.

You have the option of light, medium and heavy training. A total of four sessions is not only good for a sponsor reward, but it also prepares your players well for the upcoming match. A great tip is starting with a light session then moving to heavy. If you do too much light training, your players might not be adequately prepared. On the other end of the spectrum, too much heavy training might make your players feel fatigued.

The below image shows the kind of results you want to see after training!

Once you have completed four successful training sessions, the gift box on the training screen will then light up. This means you are eligible for a reward, and you can choose which reward you want!

As the above image shows, you can choose a health (red), morale (purple/pink) or cash (green) to then use for your club (note - sometimes you can also receive rest packs (blue). For example, if you choose the two morale packs, your total will go from 8 to 10! (see the top menu)


After training you should check the preparation level of your players on the home screen. If it is “poor” or “good”, click the button, and then see what can be improved.

Once you click the preparation level button, you will see what needs to be improved in your team to change “poor” to “excellent”. In the below example, player health and rest is the need of the hour. There are enough morale and health packs to adequately boost the morale and heal injured players. If there is not enough available you can cash in some gold bars to buy more morale and health packs.

To do this, click the Rest and Heath icon in the top menu. Select how many packs you wish to buy and then click confirm. Once you have enough packs, you can go back to the home screen and use the packs to boost player morale and health!

With 482 gold bars available, any of the options can be chosen. Pick 6, 10, 24 or 46 and heal your injures players! In the example below, we will select 24.

Then, on the home screen, select and confirm both requirements to fully rest and recover your squad. After this, your preparation level should be excellent!


In the “Transfers” section, you can buy new players to include in your squad. Here, you will see a selection of possible acquisitions, with price and skill set on show. Ensure you have enough funds to buy the player(s) you need.


A list of your upcoming matches in your T20 competition.

T20 League:

An overview of your T20 competition.

T20 Cup:

Engage in 1, 2 or 4 Hours non-stop and addictive T20Cup match to gain Gold Bars and rewards if you win!


Build your Alliance by recruiting other club(s) to team up and compete in Alliance Leagues.

In short, Alliance is where you can build alliances by recruiting others (minimum four members (clubs) and maximum 15 members (clubs)) to team up and compete in Alliance Leagues. You can also join an existing Alliance in a particular Channel or paste an invitation code that you have received from a friend.

Note: You will have to reach at least Manager Level 10 to be eligible for Alliance. Also you will receive a 24-hour joining penalty if you decide to leave an Alliance.

You will not use your squad in the Alliance League, but rather, you will have the choice of 24 random players to select as part of the Drafting Squad. This is the squad that will participate in the Alliance League, where the key is finishing with a rank as high as possible to pick up some great rewards!


In Club, you can access your club details as well as your emblem and jersey. You can customise your jersey and emblem the way you want to!


In this section, you can gain experience points to boost your manager level. Perform tasks on a daily basis such as visiting your club and holding four training sessions. Below is an image of the tasks you can achieve to boost experience points!


Manage your finances - expenses, income and check out your current cash balance.

Arena Area:

Upgrade stadium, parking lot, facilities and more in the Arena Area! The more matches you win, the more rewards and cash you build, which you can then spend to upgrade your Arena. Below is an example of a very young Arena Area, with money spent to upgrade the stadium. The next step will be to upgrade the parking lot and facilities so more fans can attend!

More fans = more revenue.


Here is where you can purchase gold bars, obtain cash, health, morale and rest packs, as well as a free sponsor reward. Also, in the tabs, you can update your jersey and emblem in the “Store” section.

  1. Watching a live match and how to follow up

You will receive a push notification on your mobile device when your match is approaching. The first notification you will receive is a reminder to prepare your players well, and also a little reminder that your opponent is preparing their team! Then, you will receive a notification that the match is about to start.

The match will go ahead even if you are not in your app. However, if you are able to watch the live match, you can gain key experience points and also manage the game live. You can make adjustments to your batting and bowling order, and keep a close eye on which players are performing.

Then, after each match, you will receive a match report, scorecard and also rewards if you get a victory! The match report will notify you as to what went well in the game, as well as what could be improved on. For example, if your bowlers conceded too many boundaries, some bowling relay training for improved accuracy is a good thing to focus on ahead of your next game.

How cool!

You are the manager. You call the shots and use a tactical mind to build a high-performing and confident squad!

So, have a go today! Download Manager 2020 for free on either Android or iOS today.

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Google Play (Android)

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