What's in the game

Cricket Manager Features

The Basics and Specifics of the game

Your Club, from Scratch

Name your winning team and strengthen them by proper cricket training. Design your own training sessions which are customizable to each player to improve their level and skills. Coach them to play like real-life pro cricket players around the globe and be on the top of the leaderboard!

Alliance or Enemy

Associate with other club managers in Cricket Tycoon, recruit the best of the best to team up with, build your alliance, chat with them to discuss game tactics and compete in the weekly alliance world series. Achieve your alliance goal to WIN big rewards and trophies. There is nothing sweeter than a victory won with team effort.

Scout out your MVP

You’re the cricket manager, coach and figurehead! Scout and sign the best players from the live premium transfer market! Keep your players motivated, train your team to be the best, use your visionary mastermind and form your match tactics. Go for the win!

Get on top of the League Standings

Challenge opponents aka cricket managers worldwide; compete daily in T20 League and T20 Cup Matches. Win, score amazing rewards and walk your way up on the global leaderboard.

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